Ok Y'all the Enforcer is another day older today, (I'm not a huge birthday guy anymore and for all intents and purposes its just another day to me) I worked last night and the Enforcer Wife called at 12:01 to sing happy birthday which was really truly sweet (especially considering we BOTH forgot our anniversary until I realized it at 11:45 that night. OK so a little birthday magic there with Enforcerwife remembering.
Then Enforcer Youngestchild set her alarm clock to be awake when I got home at 1:00 am so she could wish daddy a happy birthday. MORE BIRTHDAY MAGIC THERE...
As I'm leaving the Police Depatment for home one of the rookies was cleaning out the cruiser he was using for the shift and finds burried way under the seat the flashlight that I lost 2 weeks ago. YET MORE BIRTHDAY MAGIC....
I get home and am putting my stuff away and I go to one drawer that has one of my old leather work gloves I have saved this one glove forever because it was my best pair, perfectly broken in and fits (pardon the pun) like a glove. As I get there I realize that the match to it is sitting on top of the laundry. I have been seeing each one of the gloves individually at different times and not realizing that there is still a pair. OK THIS ONE IS A STRETCH BUT I'M CHALKING IT UP TO BIRTHDAY MAGIC AS WELL.
Hell I didn't want to go to bed last night because I was afraid that the Birthday magic luck would run out. But it didn't I got up early this morning (I had to get a warrant at the court) and when I went to get my jacket on (cause it was chilly) I found a $20 stuffed in the pocket that I had forgotten about.