Yes, you heard me right, The Enforcer is currently dieting, I don't yet know how it will affect my posting,
whether I will be writing long rambling posts about memories of my favorite meals,
if I will be more cynical and wretched about the dirtbags I encounter while at work
just be content to suffer in silence.

Ok I know it won't be that bad. And there could be a payday at the end of it. I'll elaborate.
One of my coworkers was on the TV Show "The Biggest Loser". He wasn't the winner but if he hadn't gotten rooked I am sure he would have either won or would have given the winner a run for his money. and in the spirit of that we have decided to do an "in house" challenge. What a great idea get a bunch of cops to deprive themselves of candy, chips, fast food and all the things that keep us calm and rational and then send us out on the streets to deal with the unsuspecting public. This will be interesting. But I digress.

There are a bunch of us in it and there is comraderie and motivation. Of course there is also gamesmanship (We, the guys and girls on early nights) are going to pony up cash and send the day shift guys and girls a great big calorie infested fatty platter of food cakes ice cream etc....
and I'm sure I will "drop" a candy bar or bag of chips in my cruiser at the end of the shift for the midnight guys and girls to "enjoy"

I have enrolled in a cardio kickboxing class with a personal trainer and have been going at it hard since the initial weigh in last Saturday. (And believe me Superbowl Sunday was a test of my will, granted I was working but on holidays and stuff like that people drop off food at the station for us. I did real good. I had a handfull of hot wings and I washed em back with one of my many bottles of spring water.

Friday the Enforcerwife and our youngest treated the Enforcer to a last meal at this AWESOME Brazilian Steak House called Gauchos. This place basically seats you and gives you a card that is red on one side and green on the other. It is given to you on the red side and when you are ready you turn it to green and they walk around with skewers of meat, bring it to your table and cut you slabs of meat until you surrender and turn the card back to red. Then they bring you coffee and dessert. Talk about the condemmned eating a hearty meal.

We weigh in once a week and it goes for 12 weeks (or until someone pulls a nutty and heads to the bell tower with the departments sniper rifle) whichever comes first.

Wish me luck!!!!!!