I just got back from our annual department awards ceremony which was held tonight. I recieved an award for lifesaving with valor for a fire that happened this past year.

The night of the fire the Sarge, another officer and I got on scene and found the 3 story house just starting to really catch fire (it started in the basement and was gaining momentum) we evacuated all 3 floors, all three cops on scene fanning out and clearing a floor of the building. I really got a shiver of pride when I saw the other cop coming down the stairs carrying a little child.

I then found a woman struggling to get out but she was sickly and on oxgen. I started carrying her out in what they call a firefighter carry, basically over my shoulder like a sack of taters,

I was quickly assisted by the sarge and the other officer and we all got out safely.

She was the last one evacuated, the house was clear of all residents and once we got outside it really started rolling. There was some ammunition on the third floor that started popping off and when it got to the rear where the woman's base oxygen tank was it just went up bigtime. Everyone performed awesomely and the task was accomplished.

The Sarge put us in for the award so he didn't write himself into the narrative for the commendation but I know for a fact that it would have been much more difficult and possibly a different outcome had he not been there.

I was having a bitch of a time carrying that woman out and the help I recieved from him was much appreciated.

But more importantly the knowledge that I had guys watching my back that I trust completely.

I'll post some more pictures from the nights festivities soon.