I very rarely blog about my divorce or my ex wife. It's a part of my life that is thankfully over. In a nutshell, we got married, had two awesome kids and just as my career was taking off ( I had just become a full time police officer) My ex decided she didn't exactly want to be married anymore. (She had been cheating on me from the time just before I had been accepted into the police academy) and making life hell for me through this entire ordeal. I'm no saint and I was and do accept my shortcomings and have strived to better myself each and every day.

Evil Ex took a 7 year hiatus from her parenting duties, leaving me to raise our two children. Just as things were settling in for me with great kids, an awesome new wife, and a carreer in law Enforcement taking off. She and her now hubby decide that they can fit the kids into their busy schedule. Thusly turning the world of my kids and I into a frenzy all so she could feel like she was doing her part.

In the beginning I was all for her re-aquainting and doing motherly things. However each time I gave into her demands, she would demand more.

I was granted custody of the kids. That very rarely happens in Massachusetts. She kept asking and then demanding more time with the kids until she was getting them half the week. At that point she petitioned the court for a designation of "Shared Physical Custody" due to the fact that they were now at her house half the time, and she got it.

That wan't good enough though, she decided then that she want's full custody citing my job as the reason for her change of heart.

I bring all that up because today I had a pre trial hearing for the custody trial. It went very well for me and I am optimistically hopefull. That being said, I'm tired, spent and just plane old warn out by the entire custody experience.

When I was a kid I figgured I'd get married, hae kids, become a cop, buy a house and grow old watching the grand kids from my rocking chair on the porch. How I wish I could remember and recall those feelings, But Evil Ex ruined that experience as well as shaking my faith in humankind to its core, all the while I just had to suck it up and drive on.

I am thankful that I was set free when I was so that I could find and marry a wonderful woman and experience true happiness as a happily married dad to now 3 of the most awesome kids in the whole world.


I did have a few gotcha moments at court today.

  • I had a hearing for work that was scheduled for today and had to be at court and available for that trial (which I was) so technically I got paid while I had to endure the custody thing
  • One of the lawyers defending another client who was in the court while my case was being heard came out to me in the hallway afterwards and told me that I conducted myself admirably in court, my lawyer did a fine job, and wished me luck noting that anyone with half a brain could tell that Evil Ex was hosing me bigtime. (Evil Ex was several feet away and was evesdropping when the lawyer said this and got visibally annoyed)