No not sex phone, I know where y'all's minds are ......

I didn't think of all the words in the English dictionary that I would ever have to use the word saxophone, but damned if I didn't get a call for a stolen red brass saxophone. The guy's niece's ex boyfriend visited uncle crazy guy who plays the saxophone's house cocked. When the guy wore out his welcome with uncle crazy guy who plays the saxophone he left, but on the way out he bogarted the guys prized saxophone. But uncle crazy the saxophone player ran out and got the license number of the guy who stole the saxophone and gave it to me and an hour or so later I spotted the car of the saxophone thief, pulled him over and found the saxophone in the back seat. I arrested the guy and ran his passenger for warrants and found that he had a warrant too. So I got a twofer arrest (two arrests for the price of one)I returned the saxophone to crazy uncle who plays the saxophone and a good time was had by all, and I just may take up the saxophone after this call.

As you may have guessed already I had to look up the word saxophone in the dictionary so I wrote this post in order to get all the use out of the word saxophone that I could.

Extra credit: How many times was the word saxophone used in this post?????????