Published: 04/25/2007

Police fire shot at man trying to flee drug bust

By Jessica Benson
Staff writer

Police shot at a man trying to flee after an officer spotted him buying drugs on Lowell Street last night.

The shooting took place at Lawrence and Canal streets after a brief chase in which the suspect allegedly hit a police cruiser and a parked car.

The suspects arm was cut during the arrest, leading police to initially think they had shot him. However, a doctor later told investigators the cut was more likely caused by broken glass, and not a bullet. The suspect was treated and released into custody.

Whitcomb was held at the police station overnight, pending filing of multiple charges.

Based on a preliminary investigation, this is what happened:

Shortly before 11 p.m., an officer spotted a man in a pickup truck involved in what looked like a drug deal at Lowell and Martin streets. The officer tried to pull the truck over. But the driver instead led him on a chase toward Haverhill Street, then onto Lawrence Street. Along the way, the truck hit a parked car and a police cruiser, which later had to be towed.

At Lawrence and Canal streets, near the courthouse, the driver drove up on a curb, becoming stuck on the side of the road. By then other officers had joined the chase. They surrounded the truck with their cruisers and got out of their cars.

But the driver still did not give up. Police broke the driver's side window in an attempt to drag him out of the truck.

As police were struggling with the man, he kept putting the truck into reverse, then into drive, "rocking" the truck back and forth in an attempt to free the vehicle.

One officer was trapped between the truck and one of the cruisers, and was in the direct path of the truck. Fearing for that man's safety, another officer fired one shot at the truck.

The bullet entered the truck from behind, and went through the driver's seat. Police said they believe the bullet became lodged inside the truck.

One of the cops I work with saw the drug deal and tried to pull this nitwit over, he then took off and we all went to the area to assist in the chase and apprehension. I was coming from the opposite direction and when the suspect saw me coming, he aimed his pickup truck at my cruiser and floored it, swerving and missing me by inches. He then rammed another cops car at the intersection and after that he lost control of his vehicle and well the rest is reported above.

What a freaking bitch of a night it was all in all.

I wasn't on scene during the actual incident for two reasons:

  1. My cruiser was going the opposite way of the suspect so by the time I turned around and got back in the chase it was all over.
  2. I had to check my shorts LOL. Seeing a big ole pickup truck bearing down on you and accelerating tends to do that to a person.