I was helping Enforcerwife with the laundry the other night and my middle child (Enforcerboy) did something while we were down in the cellar, I let out a laugh and a  "you little bastard" under my breath. However it was just loud enough for Enforcerboy to hear.

He asked "what's a bastard?, mom (Enforcer-ex) told me it was a boy without a daddy"

Being trapped by my own mis step but always willing to turn it into a learning experience, I corrected him, letting him know tha it is actually a child born to a woman who was not married when she concieved.

Without missing a beat, Enforcerbaby (my youngest, whom I adopted when she was an infant at the time I married Enforcerwife) pipes up joyfully with "hey that means I'm a bastard!!!!!, because you and mommy weren't married when I was born"

She was so proud of her new title.

I looked at  Enforcerwife who was already trying to stiffle hysterical laughter. And as I started laughing, I realized that Enforcer needs to curb his potty mouth.