Well it seems as if I have a new nickname after the 4th of July this year (actually 2 new nicknames) due to my first call of the holiday. The call was that a guy wanted for beating the bag out of his wife earlier in the day who had supposedly returned to the home and was sitting in a car outside the house.

The nicknames and reasoning are as follows:

  • OFFICER WHEELS- When we pulled up to the house, I was the cruiser that ended up closest to where the guys car was, as we exited our cars, he jumped out of the car he was in, one of the cops with me said, "hey buddy, hold on, we need o speak with you". (did you ever see cartoons where the bad guy does the slow motion scan of the area, left-right- center, then looks like a deer caught in the headlights and then runs????) Yup that was exactly the way it went down, the minute he looked left to right, I knew the chase was on, he runs up the driveway out back to where there was a cookout going on, with me all 285 and in full gear hot on his ass, as I was running I yanked out my expandable baton and flicked it open, when I did that, I lost my grip on it and it pinwheeled over my shoulder and almost brained the cop running behind me. I kept on pursuing and we found ourselves behind the house where a cookout was going on. I dont know what his thought pattern was and I can only surmise that he thought he was among friends that would jump in to assist him, but whatever the reason, he stops turns and squares off.Which brings me to nickname number 2
  • FREIGHT TRAIN- Yeah well you guessed it, when I start running carrying both muscle and extra weight accompanied by all my gear, its kind of hard to stop running when I get up to speed, when he did the square off to fight thing, I just instinctively threw up my arms to defend myself, but my momentum carried me right over him. I mean RIGHT OVER HIM.......

I dont know if he knew what hit him, but the collision put him right on the corner of twilight zone and queer street. So Im now known as Officer Freight Train. Please people, a general disclaimer, don't make me run to catch you, I am not responsible for any broken or lost items when you do that OK?

Y'all wanna know the kicker?

He wasn't the guy we were looking for, he was wrong place wrong time Illegal alien (or undocumented non worker) guy who had a warrant for his arrest and an order for deportation hanging over his head.Which I'm thinking is why he ran.

Hope you all had a happy 4th.