Last night, we made a ton of low level drug arrests, it was literally like shooting fish in a barrell. We have a neighborhood that is plauged with drug dealers. I made an arrest and these are the stories that the guy tried to pass off as fact when I stopped them. (The dealer guy was smart, he knew he was busted and basically gave us the story right up front) but the other guy:

  • As I drive up, he gets this scared wide eyed look on his face and without me even rolling my window down all the way or saying ANYTHING. Blurts out loudly " I was just going to the store, I wasn't doing anything wrong, I swear" He then starts yelling at me and waving his arms (which is very disorderly) telling me that I have no right to talk to him, I have no right to harass him etc... (in my mind through my training and experience I knew it was a drug deal going down, but I deffinately DO have the right to check things out in my city.
  • I then ask where he lives and it is in east bumfuk part of the state. He's in town doing a roofing job, but it is 11pm and I dont see anyone working on any roofs in the neighborhood.
  • I ask if he has anything on his person that I should know about, he states emphatically "NO" so I proceed to pat frisk him and lo and behold I come up with a home made crack pipe. His explaination "I saw it outside the work area and didnt want the boss to think it was mine, so I pocketed it" Ok y'all say it with me "Riiiiiiiiiiight!!!!!
  • I then run his info (after asking him if hes been arrested before, to which he replied no he had not) and it does come back to someone. But that someone had been arrested before. (I think one would remember having been arrested before)

Now mind you, the other guy had already given it all up at the start and I knew exactly what was happening. But this nitwit kept up the charade all the way up till I was just about to fingerprint him and told him how the prints would tell me exactly who he is and he would have more charges added if he was lying.