D'ohhhhhhhh who put that there??????

We had a call for a runaway that the stepmother tracked down into one of the local housing projects last night. We met the stepmother out on the roadway and she told us that the girl was with friends in the courtyard between 2 of the buildings. She stayed on the roadway, we went in.

As we approached (the walkways are big enough for our cruisers to fit in and travel through but their a bitch to navigate) We get in there, and our cars are bunched up, parked nose to nose like a giant automobile jigsaw puzzle.

The detective who's call it was asked if we'd get the mother and drive her to our location, I started to walk to my cruiser to go get the woman and saw one of the Sgt's arriving on scene.

I would have had to move 3 cars to get my car out and turned around, so I told the Sgt. what we needed and told him that as long as I moved the lead cruiser, he could navigate with far less trouble than I could, he agreed.

As Im moving the lead cruiser (it was the rookies car) his cellphone was going off in his bag on the passengers seat, the car to car radio was chirping away and the seat was so far forward that I barely fit inside the car.

But I'm only pulling like 2 feet forward, no problems right?

Not exactly, there was a 2 foot high wall that I couldn't see from the drivers seat and you guessed it, I tagged the bitch.... No damage though......

but now I gotta hear it from the rookie who's car I was moving, he heard the tap and had a grin from ear to ear (so I know he's gonna rag me come rollcall today when I go in)
I'm ready Junior, bring it on.........