The rotation this week was non stop, It wasn't that it was busy, per-se but it was steady. I drew dispatch earlier in the week and we logged close to 40 calls (not counting the motor vehicle stops etc...) and I had chance to wonder how the hell would we have done this with 25 less cops around. It would have been horrible. My buddy had to dispatch later in the week and he logged close to 70 calls. I was on the road so I got my share of calls to handle that night. I had fun, some calls were monatanous but for the most part it was a good night.

One of the more memorable calls was a 68 year old lady who called 911 and talked so fast and with such urgency that it was put up as an "unknown problem" We all dread unknowns because, well, theyre unknowns, theres nothing you can mentally prepare for on the way to the call cause you dont know what your gonna get.

I got there and it was this sweet old lady who was well..... schitzophrenic and off her meds. It took me 45 minutes but I finally convinced her that we were not martians and the ambulance crew was not gonna suck out her brain in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

After dealing with everybody elses shit this week on my last night I had to go in to work late. Why you ask? good question, because after 8 freaking years divorced me and the Enforcer Ex are still fighting a custody battle. For the most part it has been fought through passive agressive actions (at least this past summer alot of the anoyances have died down, which Im thankful for) But we had a concilliators appointment which is when her and her attorney (By the way her atty. reminds me of a nasty, female version of Stan Laurel from Laurel and Hardy fame) Me and My Atty, all sit down with another Attorney and try to come up with yet another visitation schedule. This is after we have already completed an appointment with a Guarddian ad Lidum which is a psychologist who sits down with everybody and makes his recomendations on what the schedule should be. All of these specialists have recomended that I get the school week with the kids but the ex keeps pushing on.

A little back story on this, I was awarded physical custody of the children when the ex walked out on me, her 2 year old daughter and infant son for another guy. Her and her lawyer contend that now that she's back in their lives and wants to do the parenting thing that she should automatically get exactly half of the time each week even if it screws the kids up at school. We have tried to accomidate her whenever possible but she keeps digging until she gets it exactly the way she wants it. Which means I gotta keep going to these idiotic court ordered "remedies" until some one of them sides with her.

To all of you out there who are single, dont get married.....

To all of you that are married, don't get divorced!!!!!!

I am now off to assume the fetal position and commence to licking my wounds and readying myself for the next round.