I Wasn't gonna post a single word about My Beloved Red Sox during the Championship Series. I didn't wanna draw the ire of the ghosts of baseball's pasts. I'm a Red Sox Fan after all, I lived through the 1986 down to one strike against the Mets, The champaigne already chilling in the locker room Mookie freaking Wilson hits a blooper and we lose the game. I was young but I vaguely remember the Boston Massacre by the Yankees in the 1970's. So I kept a silent vigil as I did in 2004.

What a run it was this year. This winter is going to be that much warmer. Mother Nature will do her part as she always does here in the NorthEast during the winter months, Blizzards, NorEasters,and SubZero Temperatures, but we got our memories of the glory days of summer to keep us toasty. The final game was won off a crack of the bat by a young rookie player who saw limited time all season and hit a home run off the first pitch he saw in the entire post season. The final game was pitched masterfully by a kid who was battling lymphoma cancer this time last year and his chances of playing again was tentative at best.

Thank you to the best management team in baseball, you guys are classy.

The Sox beat the best of the best, the cream of the crop. An Angels team that had a great year, The Cleveland Indians who were incredible and then a Rockies Team who were Amazing. The scores and the sweep of the World Series was a deceiving statistic. The Colarado Rockies team kept us Red Sox fans on pins and needles into the late innings each game.

A few Post Script Notes to the Management:
Please keep the core of the team together
Resign Schilling, Lowell, and Tec no matter what it takes
Keep Papelbon dancing
Let Manny be Manny

And above all DO NOT TRY TO SIGN A-ROD we don' need him, we don't like him and we dont need his drama around here....