We had a call tonight that came in as a gang of kids breaking windows at victims residence. When we got there the female on scene was angered and told us that gang members from NTO were harassing her poor son, and came by tonight breaking her window. She wants them caught and to pay.

Me: Yes mam but can you give me a description

Enraged Enabler Mom (EEM): No but they're gang members and Im sure they go to the local High School

Me: Yes mam but there are several hundred kids in the high school and gangs nowadays don't wear rockers on leather jackets with their gang logos emblazoned on them anymore.Your son said he saw them coming down the street, and he knew they were NTO, so he must have recognized some of them.

EEM: Yeah, maybe he did, but they gotta pay for what they did, and my son shouldn't have to pick them out.

Me: Mam I cant make a case without something to go on.

EEM: You cops never want to help me, its hard raising 2 sons today, Ya know????

Her son KNEW who did it and he won't tell, (I knew this because he has admitted to having beef with some of the gangmembers in the past, her kid is known to us because he has been in his share of trouble in the past. He won't tell not because he's scared but because he plans on getting payback. He is just as ganged up as they are but his mom refuses to believe this.

Things aren't like they were back in the day anymore!!!!