There are times when I have to take my job serios as a heart attack,and then there are other times. Humor wether it is regular haha stuff, sarcastic shit, or gallows humor all keep cops from going utterly insane at times.

Last night I got a call for a man down in the city common,I had two backup officers with me. When I got thereI found out it was a gaggle of drunks and one of them had been drinking and having seizures all day.In all actuality I had the discression to arrest the guy, the friends or summons them in for being in a public park after sundown. I could do that or issue them a warning to leave and see if that worked. I chose option number 2. Firstly because I didn't want to be stuck watching a prisoner (of a minor offense) at the hospital all night. Secondly, I like to be able to say (when I can) that I gave the offender every opportunity to rectify the problem on their own before I resort to an arrest.

While prepping the guy for transport with the ambulance crew the guy started bitching about how the cops in this city suck, he stated how he "lwas robbed of his license by the cops" the last time he got arrested. Well I was there that night, he didnt get robbed, he was so drunk that night that he forgot to pick it up off the counter when he got bailed out and we didnt notice it until he had left.

Last night he was blind drunk and the flashing lights from the cruisers and ambulance was bothering him, so while he ranted I just kept agreeing with him through the whole thing and had this big ole grin going while trying to stiffle my laughter. He finally came to a point of semi lucidity and opened his eyes just enough to see he was talking to one of those sucky cops. It was fun to see the look on his face.