ESPN.com: Lowell deal nearly done

Nov 19th, 2007 by Bill Burt

As expected, when the N.Y. Yankees dropped out of the Mike Lowell Lottery, the Red Sox appear to be close with a three-year deal for the third baseman according to ESPN.com’s Buster Olney.
The Red Sox have not budged from their original three-year deal. The only question became money. Would the Red Sox budge from their $37.5 million (estimate) offer? Well apparently they did, moving the deal closer to $40 million.
This will obviously be met with cheers. Lowell was the prize this off-season. Other than a bullpen pitcher or two, including a left-hander, everything else in place for next season.
We will be updating as more news comes forward.
I’m waiting to hear from a “friend” of Lowell’s to try and get some specifics not yet reported.
Stay tuned …

I did stay tuned and just before I had to go into work there was BREAKING NEWS......

Red Sox agree to three-year deal with veteran third baseman

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I was disheartened to hear that he was at one point in negotiations with those Pinstriped Pinheads, Err I mean that other fine American League Sports Franchise in New York, but my faith was restored when I found out that he had left a LOT of money on the table in order to stay here in Boston. Loyalty to a team (and fan base) in sports has become a rare ideal and as a Boston sports fan I applaud Mike Lowell's decision. But more importantly as a die hard member of Red Sox Nation I am now doing an Irish Jig