I got a rare treat last night, the oldest two children were with the Enforcer-Ex for the weekend and all me and the only one home for the weekend was Enforceryoungest. We decided to do an old fashioned date night (with one child in tow) Any of you parents out there, a quick question, Do you find that one or two siblings at an event will not bicker and fight but add the third and all hell breaks loose? (But thats another post for another time)

last night we went out to eat at an old fashioned resturaunt, nothing fancy, the place actually had a lunch counter (but it wasn't McD's, BK, a sub shop or Chinese take out so I was ecstatic and had probably the best dinner I've had at a resturaunt in a long while. It was old fashioned down home cooking New England Style.

Enforcerwife got prime rib, youngest got a hotdog and fries and I got a veal cutlet and fries loaded with gravy. Enforcerwife and I got the chocolate cream pie and youngest got a strawberry shortcake. It was awesome!!!

We then went to a community arts center to see the stage musical Tom Sawyer.

In the cast was one of the retired cops from the Police Department and his wife. He was the preacher and his wife was one of the townfolk, also one of the families that attend our church were all in the play (the entire family, I thought that was wicked cool)

I haven't been to community theatre since my college days when I was onstage. Yes peeps, the enforcer used to be a thespian at one time (and I had some acting chops bigtime....)

The last play I was in was early to mid 90's the Bard (yes Shakespeare's) Taming of the Shrew and I had a blast back then..... The lights, the cameras, the action, the drama. Things was good unfortunately life happened right after that, I had to grow up, get a real job, then marrige, children, a divorce, another marrige and a career. I am not complaining, life has turned out pretty good for me so far. But, going on "a date" being there in the theatre watching a show was wicked cool it was like visiting another time in my life only with my daughter and wife and they loved it as much as I did.

The night ended with a smile.......