We have a rooming house in town and its smack dab on my beat. We have a cop in the department whose sole duty is keeping the cohabbitants of the rooming houses in town in line. The only problem is he works days. So I get the "emergency cases" such as the lady (and I so use the term lightly) tonight whose call dragged me away from important IM'ing with a blog buddy.

This "lady" is about all of 23 years old, she says she's pregnant but she's been a big gal ever since weve been dealing with her. She has a friendly wager with one of the cops that she won't get arrested again before the baby is born.

Her and her common law hubby who share the room in the rooming house had a houseguest over (mind you, houseguests aren't allowed in the rooming house) who "partied with them (she didn't elaborate, thank god) and apparently at some point helped himself to their checkbook, her carton of smokes and cellphone. As she was telling me this she voiced her hope that I would arrest this guy on sight. Well, there are a few problems with that, 1) a past larceny under $250.00 isn't arrestable its summonsable and 2) more importantly she only knows his street name.

She told me that she watches cop shows on tv and knows it will take me a little bit of time to go back to the station and write up a search warrant but she knows that if I search all the rooms in the rooming house I'll find him because she knows he has a lot of friends that live there and one of em is probably hiding him right now. and she will happily watch the place while I'm gone for me and call if he tries to leave. Ohhh yeah and I almost forgot, she also told me that her common law hubbys crack pipe is tucked in one of the packs of basics cigarette packs, thats how I will be able to tell that they are stolen from her.

Did I mention that I hate unrealistic cop shows that make the general public think that we call in the feds and the csu unit for every petty larceny call???
Well I do hate em, with a passion!!!!

What she will recieve is an initial report, a visit from child services, and a possible followup if I find out flaco's real name so I can get a proper warrant for him.
She never called the station, I wonder if she's still watching the door?