Hey all,
Some of you may have seen the Entrecard thingy on my sidebar, I found the site while checking the net for cool gizmos to spruce up the page. I'm nothing if not a gracious host right?

So I find this site and it's basically an online business card swap meet for your blog. It's really cool and it makes networking kinda fun. There are a bunch of business sites there, some are useful and some really aren't but there is a cross section of all kinds of blogs from the blogosphere and I have found some very interesting sites.

Their premise is simple, you create a business card, post it to their site and get points for each site you visit (and drop your business card) you also get points for anyone who drops their card on your site, and there is a price (set by the popularity of your site dropped cards visitors leave when they visit) thats how you earn capitol which you invest in advertising your business card on other blogs. You get to aprove or deny any requests due to weather you like or dislike the product or blogsite. It is addicting and it deffinately drives traffic to your site which in turn could mean more regular readers. And I got my first two reviews of the blog. which I am very grateful for (thank you Deb and Saphym)

I highly recomend the sight, go check it out and tell me what you think.