This video reminds me of working midnights when I first got on the job. Midnights in my department when I got on was chock full of "old timers" who had the old school mentality. The rule for the coffee run was the order consists of small black coffees with the fixins on the side. If you wanted a large then you bought 2 smalls and that was it. And the idea of having the cream and sugar mixed in was out of the question, it was like saying "yes I am a rookie please rag on me unmercifully for a long period of time. You might as well have asked for the dispatchers first born child.

These days the guys on my shift are putting in coffee orders that consist of soy latees and mochaiattos, talk about your drip drying. And while I'm ranting can anyone tell me what a friggin vanilla chai is?

OMG I just realized I have become one of the jaded old timers