The other night I worked the booking room (Beastmaster duty)

Basically, I get to sit around, intake the new prisoners, check on the ones in the cells and make sure everything is copasetic.

It was a quiet night until the last hour. On the last hour, everyone ended up making arrests, so there was a flurry of work for me to do. I got through most of it easy enough, but the last one was a drunk young man who really couldn't handle his alcohol. He was belligerent as all hell, telling us he was gonna carve up and smoke all us cops like so much bacon (boy if I had a nickel for every pig comment I could be sitting on a beach in Cancun with a fancy rum drinks that has one of those umbrella stirrers)

The guy kept on his tirade for awhile, would take a break and start up all over again. What kept setting him off was bail. He would ask what his bail would be, we would answer him, he would get calm and then think he had an outstanding warrant (which to my knowledge he did not) and he would re-escalate his bad behavior, because he didn't think he was getting out so he would raise hell and make our night as miserable as his.

At one point he told us how he was college educated and we probably were not. He then asked how much money he had on him, we told him he had $90 dollars, he then asked what his bail was and we told him $40, (he wasn't following the conversation well) and told us we just said his bail was $90. So I talked really slow and broke it down for him as if he was a 5th grader. "Son, you have $90 dollars, your bail is $40 dollars, anything left over you get to keep"

To which he replied "well how much is that?"

I told him you figure it out college boy.


But my night didn't end there, I worked the detail at the local 24 hour restaurant. It was busy all night long, there was no real problems but I had to keep on my toes the whole shift.

By the end of the shift I was tired, the kind of tired where you think your eyes are playing tricks on you. I finished my shift, said bye to the workers and headed for the door.

As I got to the door, there were still people coming in to eat. A lot of them being intoxicated people coming from the clubs, who weren't ready to go home just yet.

I held the door for the group coming in, as they walked in I had to rub my eyes,

did I just see a large guy dressed in drag? wearing a dog collar? attached to a leash? the handle of the leash being held by another guy? coming in for an early morning breakfast?

Yup, I did. And I got in my truck and drove home.

My night was officially over.