Enforcerwife bought me a few new books this past week (Only because I've been kicking some serious overtime ass recently to square away our recently aquired Christmas bills) and the book above was one of the ones she got me.

It is one of the most down to earth books I have ever read. This guy really gets it. I may not agree with everything he says in it (I do agree with most of it), but it was a compelling read (I started it before work yesterday) and by the time I was finished testafying in court, working the shift and then working the paid detail at Chez Denwais (anyone who can tell me which resturaunt chain I'm talking about when I pretty up their name all French like gets a gold star) I was finishing up the last chapter. I literally could not put the book down. He writes it very similar to blog form, and he'd throw in humorous commentary in many places and was really frank and honest in assessing his failures, shortcomings, strengths and beliefs. He would make a statement and back it up with facts, unlike a lot of big hi falutin stars biographies and such. it was a really fun, insightful and interesting read.

I'm sure Mr. Adkins is pleased to know that the Enforcer aproves of his work LOL. But seriously I would really reccomend this book to anyone who wants a fresh perspective from a down to earth guy who wants to leave the world a better place than it already is.