My middle child and only son is in his pirate phase. Everything is pirates. Pirate this and Pirate that. I have bought and tripped over enough toy pirate ships to float a whole damned armada against all the armies of ye blasted seven seas Matey...
Well, this past weekend I saw an ad in the local newspaper (I live about 15-20 miles from Salem Mass. home of the witch burnings etc...) and as you can guess this is their busy season. They had a Pirate Faire and we suprised my son by taking him there. If anyones ever been to a rennisance faire, its basically the same thing only in pirate.
On one hand there was dozens of hot looking scantilly clad "Tavern Wenches" all around, which deffinately raised the mast (if ya know what I mean)
But then you realize on the 2nd hand that these people do this on their weekends "for fun" and not just a weekend here and there but like "EVERY" weekend. And thats some scary shit, I don't care who ya are, them people just aint right in the head.
On the 3rd hand (yeah I know we dont have 3 hands) but I got another thought so pretend we do have 3 hands. My wife wants me to now mow the lawn in a pirate costume. (Just Kidding)