9/11/06 Five Years Later

Here it is the 5th anniversary of 9-11-2001. I actually woke up tense and uneasy today. A look out the front door and it is remarkably similar to "that day" with the cloudless blue sky and the crisp autumn air in New England.

Five years ago I was standing outside the north face of the police station shootin the shit and passing the time with another officer waiting for my midnight shift (1am-9am) to end. One of our Detectives walked by and told us about the first plane hitting WTC. By the time I got in my truck and turned the radio on the 2nd plane had hit. This was followed by news from Shanksville and the Pentagon.

The world got a bit colder and nothing would ever be quite the same again. It sucked, I was pissed, This was my generations Pearl Harbor and JFK in Dallas Tx. all rolled into one. However for me it still had not quite hit home.

One of the pilots was from Dracut Ma. however I did not personally know him or the family.I later found out that the officer I was talking to the morning of 9-11-2001 had an aunt who was terrified of flying but sucked it up and got on that plane in order to go to a wedding in California. She never made it to Ca. her and all the other souls that day took a detour into history.

Five years later, some very good things have happened to me, some very bad things have happened, There have been births and deaths, vacations, overtime, and custody battles.The only certain thing is that nothing is certain. Genuine happiness is fleeting so grab onto it when you can and drain every ounce of enjoyment from it, tell your friends you care about them and help somebody if you can.

Kind of like what you did in those early days after the attacks. I am sure you remember.

Lastly but deffinately not Least...

those terrorist bastards never did win, they wanted to crush the American spirit and convert everyone to Islam. Well sorry Charlie, I plan on going out today, grabbing a good ole fashioned American hotdog, washing it down with a beer, then visiting my mom, having some apple pie and catching a ballgame with my dad.