My last rotation of shifts was eventful. We had several "regular" calls and then we had two "drinky-drinky" calls to handle.
The first one being a guy who had a few too many pops and then decided at 11:30 pm to go to one of the local churches, bust out the poor box change and then challenge the priest to a fight. He was leaving as we showed up but as we were conducting our investigation the Capt. decided to go inside and interview the priest. This did not sit well with the suspect who (now mind you there were 5 cops between him and the captain) decided to try to push past us in an attempt to get at the Captain. He didn't make it to the captain. He got arrested and is still spending the weekend at "club fed" AKA our jailcell.
The next "drinky-drinky" call occured with a minute and a half left in our shift, the sector car got the call and when he got on scene called for an officer needs assistance (everyone rolls when you hear that) The sector guy rolls up and goes in the apartment finds the guy on the floor unresponsive and blood freaking everywhere, on walls, puddled on the floor, all over the "victim" so he called in for the troops.
We got there to find that the guy who along with his friends downed a bottle of Corvassier and he decided that life wasn't worth living. so he decided to end it all......
Wanna know how?
He decided to cut off his pinkie finger, but apparently he got it most of the way off and either passed out or went unconsious. When he came to he wasn't pleasant and tried to fight off all of us that were there to save his pinky.
He was transported to the hospital and his finger was re-attached.
Don't ask me how it ended because after the initial "drama" was over I got to go home for my 2 days off. There was a day when I would have called in to check on this nitwit. However as I said I'm on my 2 days off and I am not thinking about work until I go back in again.