C'mon kiddo what could it hurt, I know you took the night off but your plans changed, why don't you save your vacation time come into work, its the last night of the rotation, it's the middle of the week and its supposed to rain, it will be easy money.....

I bring this up because my seargant has a way of making things go haywire by just uttering some incarnation of that phrase. I call it his lawman voodoo. The 5 times he has said that to someone, bad things have tended to happen. 2 of those times the bad thing has happened to me.

The first time "what could it happen" reared it's ugly head against me I wasn't feeling well, me and the Enforcerwife were arguing, and the sgt. decided that I should go into work (he needed someone to work and I needed to get out of the house) So the sgt said the magic words and added, if you want "I'll put you in the booking room, it will be a nice easy night for you"
Booking Room = No heavy lifting, you don't have to deal with the public, theres a tv to watch, internet access, and you can get any undone paperwork done in relative peace. I jumped at the chance and it went well, UNTIL, at 12:55 am (5 minutes before quitting time, one of the new guys came in with 21 Juvenile Arrests from an underage drinking party)

Last night's what could it happen moment came at 12:45 am. (actually I knew it was poised and ready to strike way back at roll call when we found out that instead of 12 patrol guys on the road we would have far less) Less guys = more calls to field for everyone. But I digress.

At 12:45 I had just cleared from an assault & battery call and went to assist another officer that was alone near my location speaking to someone about something. I got to the other officers location and was filled in that they were investigating a bomb threat, where was the bomb supposed to be I asked. The answer was "at the Police Station" We were off with the suspect's uncle, who put us in contact with the suspect's mother (whose house the suspect had trashed and she was in hiding with her other son at her parents house) We went from the uncles house to where the mother was, did a well being check and interview. While we were conducting the interview the State Police recieved 2 more bomb threat calls against the PD. We had the mom and brother listen to the 911 threats over my cell phone and they positively Id'd the caller as her other son. They gave us the name of his girlfriend and we went to her house, she had recently been with him but had him drop her off at her moms house. She said that he had said something about going up to Manchester NH.
We went back to write reports and get a warrant for him when we got a call from Manchester PD, they had our guy. We had to make our reports, get a clerk of courts to issue a temp warrant and fax it over to Manchester so they could arrest him as a fugitive from justice.

I got home at 5:30 this morning, I'm tired and cranky, but what could it hurt??????