I worked dispatch last night (my rotation is as follows: 1st day- sector car 2nd day- dispatch/booking or front desk 3rd and 4th day- city roving)

Working in the station (more directly working dispatch) in my opinion is far more nerve wracking than working on the street in a patrol car, you have to know where everyone is, what they're working on AND anticipate what they will need and have it ready to go for them. All the while people are calling in with complaints and cries for help that range between the rediculous to the heartbreaking.

Add to this,hotshot new rookies trying to make a name for themselves and not realizing that it isn't the volume of car stops you make but the quality of the car stops, And the specialty units that are concerned with their one specific crime and don't realize that there is other stuff going on out there.
Then there is the sub par communications equipment, radios cutting in and out or muffled (not knowing weather they said "get me a detective" or "this car is defective" makes it all the more challenging)

OK enough of my working inside tantrum.
I'm just really glad that the shift is over and I get to go back on the road where its safe.