Well, I got back out on the open road tonight, we had some snow so there were a few motor vehicle accidents and a few minor calls here and there. At 12:45 am we got a report of a possible stranded motorist up on the highway.We didn't know what the State Police's ETA (estimated time of arrival) was to the scene so we rolled on it. Turns out the guy got unstuck and was GOA (gone on arrival) before we got there.

I thought to myself, awesome, by the time I clear this call it will be quiting time, YAY !!!!!
I shoulda known better,
at 12:59 and 30 seconds we get a call for the 18 year old trying to hang himself in his cellar, we get there and he has given up the hanging idea but now he's just sloppy drunk and belligerant, sitting on his toilet in a small bathroom, talking on his cellphone and threatening to kick any cops ass who lays a hand on him. Mind you everytime we get him calmed his dad rev's him back up demanding the cell phone back. We ban dad to the other room but he's still agitated. We decide that instead of getting hurt we will call for the taser and subdue him that way so we can effectively and quickly de escalate the situation. He hears the word Taser and instantly becomes compliant, still mouthy but compliant.
I could be mad at him because I had to stay later than I wanted to, but I will just thank him for the overtime pay and eventually the other overtime pay when he goes to court.