I tend not to blog about politics, I have enough stress in my life for that....
But I am begining to think that we're doomed.

I am far from being a right wing neofacist nutjob, but that being said, I remember Massachusetts last liberal democrat govenor and after seeing our newest govenor's Innaguration speech I am once again fearful. The liberal wing of the democratic party have been fully ensconsed in the state legislature for some time now, but for the past several years we have had moderate leaning Republicans in the govenors office, it has been Ok, not great but by no means terrible. So when the democrat Deval Patrick won the election this past year I was leary, but hearing his post election speech I was cautiously optomistic. After his inaguration spech thats all gone now were back in Dukakisland and thats not a great place.

Being a cop from Massachusetts I have seen far too many police officers killed in the line of duty. There were 10 in a two year period awhile ago. One of my good friends was almost killed on Christmas day years back by a guy breaking into a house, the cop caugh him but while wrestling him in the snow, the guy got the cops gun away from him and shot him at point blank range, the cop clinically died and was revived 3 times enroute to the hospital. He has had extensive surgeries since and has never returned to his job as a cop. The suspect was succesfully defended in court by a lawyer who surmised that because his client was drunk he could not have formed a premeditated thought to kill the officer and was just terying to get away.
So much for what a cops life is worth to liberals.

I dont so much like the prospect of higher taxes, but I can deal with that fact, it's enevitable when Liberals take office. What I despise is soft on crime policies.
Mike Dukakis lost his Presidential bid due in part to his ohhh so soft on crime policies. He furloghed a convicted 1st degree murderer named Willie Horton who killed a high school kid working in a Mobil gas station for a measly hand full of cash that he used for drugs. While out on an unsupervised weekend furlough (YES FOR ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES IT WAS WEEKENDS OFF FOR A 1st DEGREE MURDERER) How did Willie Horton repay this kindness? he took off to Maryland and raped a woman after beating and tying her husband up to watch. The most mind boggling part about this story was that we the Massachusetts citizens were never told by the Duke that he had implemented this furlogh program for convicted killers, they were rolling around in polite society each weekend unbenownced to the population and he saw nothing wrong with it.

Remembering this I got cold chills when newly elected Deval Patrick couldn't even wait till after his inaguration speech to declare we need to restrict CORI laws (this is the information police rely on when making car stops which gives us info pertaining to a suspects prior record, letting us know if the person is violent and what prior crimes they have committed) And think about implementing "sensible sentences" (Re. shorter incarcerations for prisoners)

I don't like what I am hearing from the newly minted Statehouse, I will keep an open mind, but I'm deffinately gonna cinch my vest up a bit tighter.....