On a more somber note to 2007, we recieved a call on New Years Day to a local elderly complex for a man down possibly not breathing. The elderly gentleman's brother went over to visit him and found him that way and called 911, I responded even though I wasn't actually called partly because it was really quiet at the time and partly because I was an EMT before I became a cop, I take pride in the fact that I still know what I'm doing and "get a rush" out of a medical call that goes well.

We got there and quickly realized that this gentleman had been "down" for hours and was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics. It was a rotten way to begin the New Year as far as calls go, however while I was still on scene I got a call for a break and enter in progress, the Sgt. on the scene cleared me from the scene to take the B&E Call.

As I was making my way out one of the neighbors looked at us and said, "the guy's kid is a cop" There are many cops on many departments around here and the guy did not look familiar. I hadn't been there long enough to check the guys info and I was going to another "Hot Call" but on my way out I looked at the name on the door buzzer and realized it was one of "our guy's" dad there. My heart sank. The guys son was my training officer when I was a rookie, we became pretty good friends and just this past summer he, I and a bunch of other cops were killing time between calls and got on to talking about how our generation is much more fortunate because of the sacrifices that our dad's had made and the great opportunities that they had provided us. It was crystal clear that this guy was close to and adored his dad.

It went from just another new year, to a rotten way to start the new year to absolutely heartbreaking in less than one 8 hour shift.