These guys got me through the hard times of high school, they were the soundtrack for most of the crazy situations that I found myself in. I still crank "mean streets" in my cruiser and drive a little faster when the (now) oldies station plays it.

*NOTE* It wasn't the soundtrack for the first time I got lucky, I took the movie fast times at ridgemont high and played side two of Led Zeppelin IV. It didn't make the sex much better but I got what I came for and got to listen to some great music afterwards.

I discovered Van Halen in 8th grade art class when for a project my best friend Mark suggested we do our rendition artistically of the rear album cover of Van Halen 2 where all of them are in different action poses and it is all collaged together. Our project sucked but I started listening, I got hooked and stayed hooked through all of their dysfunctional fights, partial breakups, lead singer battles etc...

I got to see them in concert my senior year with the same best friend Mark who created the crappy artwork back in 8th grade with me and our other best friend Renee. It was their Best of Both Worlds tour, I still have the program and Renee had songs that reminded her of both Mark and Me (Love walks in for Mark, cause they always had a crush on eachother, each told me about their respective crushes and neither had the courage to put themselves out there and go for it , both got married and went on their totally seperate ways and (Dreams for me, because I was the dream big guy, the guy who dreamt big and made stuff happen)

They got really crappy after Sammy Hagar, I tried but the shit was unlistenable, hopefully now that their gonna tour again with Wolfgang (Eddie's Kid with Valerie Bertanelli) on bass, and maybe swallow some pride and get back with David Lee Roth things will get good again.