Well first I will caution you all to beware what you wish for, I was hoping for more seasonable weather to drive the crazy people back indoors and out of my hair. Well we had our cold front move in yesterday and Brrrrrrrrr.

On to the story.......

Most of the shift was uneventful with one notable exception, that being the call for the unknown problem called in by the hairdresser. Aparently she heard some sort of commotion through the walls from the store located next door, the commotion actually knocked a wall mirror off the wall of her shop.

We respond lights and siren to the call.

Ohhhhh did I forget to tell you, the store next door is an adult XXX rated bookshop , the blue light district, you get the picture.

We pull up and go on inside to check out the problem and are met at the door by the store manager who is alone in the store, we ask if there was a fight or anything wrong, he replies prefacing his response with "I'm a real good guy but......"

Well it seems that the two store owners have had an ongoing feud...

The XXX customers park in the hair salon parking spaces.So in order to get even the hairdresser pumps out the jams with a kicking stereo system that has bass boost, tonight she had it up so loud that the guy took a shovel and banged on the wall to express his desire for her to lower the music (he admitted to everything) and volunteered to pay for any damages as long as we ask her to keep the music down.

We settled the dispute amicably however it brings me to my main point,

Do you all know how hard it is to remain stoic and professional while scolding someone when you are surrounded by buttplugs, vibrators, domination masks, and dildo's that you could drive to Florida on.

Usually if I lose my composure while interviewing someone I can divert my attention to something in the room, focus on it for a second, regain myself (which means stop laughing) and continue on with the interview but everywhere I looked there was something more odd, bizarre or just plain WTF in sight.
And you all thought it was easy doing this job.