Ok, everyone I may have gotten carried away last week and tonight I am reaping what I sowed. My beloved Patriots CHOKED. In a big way. I was already formulating my ohhh so ridiculously obnoxious Patriots in the Superbowl Post. But alas, it was not to be.
I am a beaten man.

Flat, I tip my cap to you (I was thinking of a superbowl bet where when you lost you would have had to write a heartfelt beautiful post about the Patriots, and posting a picture in a Patriots jersey)

Goddess, Let the hubby know that the lucky bastards luck wore out, and it was karmic justice, we were beaten by a field goal provided by the kicker we gave up. Aint that a kick in the ass.

Well I had to man up and write this post and now I'm off to wallow in my sorrow.I' still gonna be an obnoxious Pat's fan though.