I took a short blog sabbatical this past week…….
We took took off to New York City for the week. It was great just getting away from work for a little bit and recouping and spending time with my family. We had a blast. All too short but packed with fun.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Laguardia which is in Queens. Our room overlooked Shea Stadium. Which was kinda cool, but being a Red Sox fan it was a constant cruel reminder of the ’86 World Series loss to the Mets. Not to mention the Mets shrine in the hotel bar.
We paaaahked the caaaaah on Saturday night and became NYC commuters from that point on until yesterday.

First of all I have to say that New York City is a wonderful, vibrant, historic,
Bizarre Freak Show, and I mean that in a good way, first of all there is no way not to walk around looking down (like most Bostonians do) avoiding eye contact lest you, God forbid actually have to conversate with someone, you cant help but look up at all the cool assed skyscrapers and lights on Broadway, and tickers at TimeSquare and all the neat stuff that the naked city has to offer….
It boggles my mind how a city that is two states away from where I live can be so seriously foreign to me, and how different each bourough was different from the next one, hardly anyone has a car, everything is done via the MTA and everywhere is somewhat accessable.

I seriously cannot imagine though being there for long stretches, I need country air and soil and grass and all that comes with the ‘burbs. I would really become neurotically claustrophobic if I actually lived there. I saw apartments where the front windows on the 2nd floor looked out onto the elevated MTA tracks. How in the hell do these people ever sleep?????

My diet was somewhat compromised (I did try my best to keep up with it and my worst faux paux was the copious amounts of non diet soda that I consumed) and the quickie vendor hot dogs now and then. But I can assure you all that I walked it off.

We saw some really cool sites during our vacation. We went on a historic guided bus tour of the city, and to to Time Square, Grand Central Station, Madame Tuseaux Wax Museum, Ground Zero, the New York police and fire museums, The Bronx Zoo, we saw where Bob Dylan and Neil Diamond got there starts, where John Lennon was murdered, Wall Street, The largest Toys are us store (which had a working full sized ferris wheel inside) and finally a walk through followed by a horse drawn carrige ride around Central Park.
I enjoyed the whole thing immensely, I now understand what Billy Joel was talking about in all those songs of his that I loved listening to growing up, and really can’t wait to do it again soon

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