Parental Woes

I blame the recent trip into decadent New York City for my parental woes....

The other night my son came down from supposedly being "asleep" all freaked out and crying saying "something bad happened and I dont wanna die"

When we asked what had happened he told us that while putting away his leggos (building blocks) somehow one jumped straight up his nose and lodged itself there.

I extracted the damned leggo, gave the boy a lecture that was scarily remeniscant of old lectures my dad gave me back in the day and sent him back off to bed.

Ok so I have a 9 year old with a habbit of sniffin' leggos, I can get ahead of this, Rehab (I'm looking at the brochures for Promises Rehab as we speak) support and tough love for the child should get us through the rough stretch I think.

Anyways, I still got two "good" kids right?

Ahhhhhh well ..........

While doing bedtime routine last night (washing, brushing, bookreading, and good night kisses) I saw that my 8 year old daughters pillow looked a bit too rigid upon investigation it was my wifes Firefighter Calendar that she bought at the NYC Firefighter Museum.

OK, so I got one with a leggo addiction, one sleeping with pictures of guys under her pillow.
I DON'T wanna know what's next!!!!!