We got a call last night for an unwanted guest at one of the local watering holes, Translation is that someone has consumed way too much alcohol and is now creating some kind of disturbance.

We usually know that bar unwanted guest calls are going to be somewhat real because thankfully none of the bar owners want to be known as the bar that "cries wolf" and calls the Police Department for dumb little stuff.

Lat night as we arrivied at the bar in question, we were met by the bartender and patrons at the door, they advised us that the drunk female had left their bar and stumbled across the street to the biker bar.

We made the cardinal sin (mistake) of glancing in the direction of the other bar.....

As we are looking, we see the owner of the other bar appear in his doorway beckoning us over. As we get to the closed door of the other bar we can hear (over the crowd noise and over the jukebox music) a female yelling and loudly cussing out anyone near her. The Sarge opens the door of the bar and there she sways, finger pointing, slurring words and cussing like a sailor. Sarge tells her it's time to go and she looks him straight (as she can in her intoxicated state) in the eyes and says "Fuck no, I ain't going nowhere" She is advised that she is causing a disturbance and she has to leave or she will be arrested. At this point, she grabs ahold of a fixed pole with both hands and again states that she aint going nowhere. The sarge attempts to physically guide her out the door when all of a sudden she lets go of the pole and throws a wild punch, missing everyone but throwing herself off balance, one cop held the door open and me and the sarge grabbed both her arms and brought her to the ground cuffed her up and put her in the wagon. She called us every name in the book (and some that aren't even in the book) But was then brought back to the station where she got to sleep off her buzz.

Other than that it was a relatively quiet shift.