We went balls out all weekend.

In adition to the drunk chick that tried to take on the Sarge (last post) we dealt with one drunk guy who wished to "relieve himself" in a darkened alley, he unzipped and then tried to do the drunken leaning piss stance but when he reached for the top of the fence in order to assume the drunken lean, he did not observe that there was razor wire there.

We found him passed out from either the pain or the beers bleeding profusely from the hand, lying in a puddle of piss. And that was around 8:30 pm. He didn't even make it to prime drinky drink time. Poor lad. We sent him off in the ambulance. The golden rule of law officers dealing with drunken fools is the ABC's (Ambulance Before Cruiser)

Then there was the 21 year old chick that came home drunk, bit her mom then started trashing the house. This one tried to head butt the Captain and then tried to kick me in the junk. She was still yelling profanities at me through the cage when I went home that night.

We had the chick that went to the wrong house trying to catch her cheating boyfriend and started fighting with the occupants there that had no idea who she or her boyfriend were.

Sometimes I love my job.........