Porn star Ron Jeremy to appear in debate at Simmons College

First you have to realize that Simmons College is an all girl private New England College, which loosely translated means A lot of femminist intellectual activist types who like to sit around in birkenstocks and berets smoking cigarettes and contemplating life.

I know I'm going to get grief for the last statement but I live here in the repressed Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the phrase Banned in Boston still rings true. Prove me wrong!!!

When I was young, single and in college I used to party across the street at Emmanuel College, which was also an all girl private college that my friend attended. Even the Emmanuel girls agreed that the Simmons girls were "stuffy" at best.

And yes, it was awesome being a young hormone filled heterosexual male partying in an all girl college each weekend and having a pimpette (my friend who went to the school and knew the good vs. nice girls and would make reccomendations)

Ahhhhh good times good times, but I digress.

The debate is not being viewed on tv and is only open to students, so I have no shot at seeing the train wreck that is about to happen. But for sheer entertainment purposes I swear if they did televise the thing, it would have astronomical ratings. Massachusetts may be repressed but everyone likes to see an old fashioned knock down drag out brawl.

My only complaint is that they should have also invited Jenna Jameson or Sammantha Foxx