My beloved Red Sox swept the Yankees this past weekend,and when I say swept, I mean we won ALL the games they played, and when I say won ALL the games, I mean we came from behind and embarrassed those rich mamby pamby pinstriped bastards. Us lowly rifraff from due northeast of NYC. Yes my friends, the rivalry is alive and well.

 life in Beantown is good here, the air is fresher, the birds are singing much more sweetly and people are actually smiling. I was really happy to see the Sox don the green St. Pattys Day uniforms in rememberance of Red Aurbach (the legendary coach and GM of the Boston Celtics) on his birthday (I am no longer a huge basketball fan but I loved the Celt's in the 80's, the big 3 Parish, Bird, and McHale) and it was a classy tribute to a classy guy. I love being a Boston sports fan today!!!!!