Hey all, I'm back, I went through a bit of a creative writing block for a bit. Work has been a pain in the ass. Im not one to really bitch about the media and the news rags and stations that have been piling on I don't even consider valid news sources. If you were to believe their stories then we are all jackbooted gestappo thugs, lusting for blood and just waiting for the next chance at a beatdown.

I for one still like helping people and I hate it when ANYBODY paints an entire segment of society with the perverbial "broad brush" People don't like it when cops do it, so return the favor. Like I tell my kids, if you don't like it when it's done to you then don't do it to others. Simple like that!!!!!

In my recent absence from here I was almost crashed into (the nitwit "locked onto my cruiser" and attempted to ram me in his attempt to flee. He then tried to pin another officer between a cruiser and his truck (who was on foot out of his cruiser) when the guy crashed his truck at the end of the chase.

I had investigated an assault where a 14 year old kid beat another same aged kid so badly that he had to be flown to boston in an attempt to save his eyesight in one eye (it is still unclear weather he will gain full sight ever again) all over an ex girlfriend . Love triangle situation. The kicker to this particular call is that the suspects father and 21 year old brother allegedly drove the kid down to the victims house and cracked a few brewskies and waited till the kid came out and encouraged shit for brains (suspect) to issue the beat down, and when he couldn't finish the job, they surrounded and made sure the victim wasn't able to run away while the suspect put the boots to him.

I have had to deal with (some) co-workers who have very little morale left and not much of a get the job done mentality anymore. Which has been pissing me off.

A big reason for the low morale may be that we have been over 2 years without a contract now and the city is dicking everyone around during negotiations.We have very limited training opportunities, low pay, inferior equipment and are second guessed at every turn. Yes I took the job, yes it is still fun sometimes,yes I knew what the deal was when I took the job.But hell no if you think I'm gonna grin and bear it while you are trying to tuck it up my ass.

Well as you can see I probably havent been the best company lately (and my wife has a special place put aside for her in heaven for dealing with my work baggage) but that being said, sorry I haven't been around lately and I promise to make the rounds checking out all your blogs and re-connecting. I missed y'all and its good to be back!!!!