I worked all but Sunday this weekend. Friday nite was awesome, very few calls, decent weather and not much aggrivation. When I returned home at 1am Enforcerwife informed me that she had bought a bed for Enforceryoungest child and we were putting it together. We toiled at it until 5 am when the sun was coming up but we did it, we had accomplished a put it together yourself bed.

 You HAVE TO UNDERSTAND..... Enforcerwife and I are diametrically opposite on everything. Shes a democrat- Im republican, Shes a woman- Im a man, Shes crazy- Im sane...... You get the point, So it was a major accomplishment that we got it put together CORRECTLY before sun-up without shots fired. 

Saturday was a breeze at work, I worked the front desk ( I get one night inside a week to reconnect with sanity) I got flirted with right off the bat (y'all dont understand what a smile, wink and the word honey does to a middle aged married cop when it comes from a 20 something blonde hotty with a tastefull tattoo and pierced tounge. (But I digress) I got to catch up with paperwork, reading (both blogs and newspapers) and I got to chat with a few of you readers in IM. All without pissing off too many citizens. On the way home I was stopped at a red light when a brawl spilled out from a club right in front of me, they literally spilled out of the club chasing this one asshole and caught him right in front of my truck, they slammed him offa my hood. (werent they suprised when I got out in full uniform with my baton high. I called for backup and we squared away the situation quick.

I get home to find out that enforcerwife had arranged for the kids to sleep at nanas house. Which should have meant boom-chica-Wowow. But nooooooooooo she fell asleep 2 minutes into the movie. But on a positive note, I got the whole bed to myself. (She fell asleep on the couch, Ya snooze, ya Loose)

Its Sunday and I took a road job ( a paid security extra job) at the local pool. Tough job 4 hours of getting sun, checking out bikinis and not having to answer radio calls..... All while getting paid for it.

Not a bad gig if ya can get it huh?

Im tired but well paid and ready to relax. Hope you all had a great weekend.