THE WEEK ( a three part series )

I started out this past week on a high note, Enforcerwife and I took the kids to Six Flags New England, we had a blast, we spent the heat of the day in the water park where I came to the conclusion that we are a tattooed society. I have a few tatts (but like the country song sentiments go "I got tatted when tattoos werent cool" I could not BELIEVE how many people from such diverse backgrounds now sport tattoos. It started out that I just noticed a few in passing, by the end of the day it was like a damned scavenger hunt for ink. Im still trying to talk Enforcerwife into getting one. She's all for it but getting her there is the trick.

The kids all had a blast interacting with the characters and I had to sit through a WIGGLES show.

The trip was a really fun getaway and life was good....

(Part 2 long and emotionally draining work rotation)