I have 3 kids enrolled in basketball right now. They are all in different levels of development and it is so cool to see each one of them as they learn and grow.

The youngest is just learning the basics and she can barely reach the net when she shoots, but she is trying so hard and she finds the most enjoyment over the smallest accomplishments. She just loves being out there and having fun.

My son is in the next level of development, they have learned the basics and are starting to learn the finer points of the game, they arent quite ready for competition (they're actually the bad news bears of basketball) but they are a fun group of kids who are coming together as a group and learning that there is no "I" in "TEAM" Which I can tell you is a great virtue to learn.

My oldest daughter, by far the most athletically gifted of the three kids is in the advanced league, they keep score and are quite a good team. And as a biased father I can tell you my daughter can hold her own against any other girl in the league.

The whole basketball thing is also providing a neutral (ish) ground for both sets of us (parents) to come together and not be so uptight and have all of the custody issues hanging thickly in the air because there is too much rooting for great basketball achivements to be done to let that crap creep in.

I hate basketball, with a passion. But I love seeing my kids enjoying basketball with all my heart.