This past week at work was for the most part very uneventful.

The shooting that I touched on in the last post (happened on New Years Day early in the morning) happened in the area of the city that I grew up in, my old stomping ground if you will. Its really sad to see the old neighborhood so run down. It was an awesome place to grow up but time marches on.

The shooting happened when one intoxicated guest left a party. The host of the party walked him out, they ran into 4 individuals visiting another party and some sort of scuffle ensued between the drunk guy and the 4 other guys, the host tried to break it up and one of the 4 pulled out a gun and shot the drunk in the arm.

Heres the kicker, hough.......

The gunman and the host went to school together back in the day and then gunman realized that after he shot the guy that he would be Id'd by his old classmate, so he jumped in his car and tried to run down the party host all the while shooting at him (the party host just happened to be carrying a legally licensed gun of his own) and ended up getting the drop on them.

While the responding officers were at the hospital interviewing the drunk guy. The party host went to the station and submitted his weapon for inspection and himself for questioning.
The four badguys went to the same hospital for treatment of their wounds. Slam Dunk!!!!!