The night before last I had a no-hitter, this is a rare occurrence in my town. A no hitter occurs when there is ZERO calls for service in the officer's sector. This doesn't include self initiated stuff.

I made one car stop for a woman who clearly blew the red light (actually accelerating to get through the intersection after the light had gone red) Right in front of me. I pulled her over and asked if she knew why I was pulling her over and she sheepishly asked all provocatively "was it the yellow light that I went through?" I told her that it was that speeding. At this point all provocative talking ceased and she began arguing that I was picking on her. Long story short, she has 10 days to pay or appeal.

It was such a quiet night that by the end we  all "jumped" a downtown call. Jumping a call means moseying over to the sector in question, without calling in as a backup in an effort to assist if needed. If your not needed and you get a call then you head back and take your call.

The downtown call was for a "Peeping Tom" we get there and sure enough there is peeper boy outside the rear window of one of the apartment buildings one hand on the woman's window the other hand way down low. And of course he had no idea why we were stopping him. When we ordered him to turn around, his zipper was down. Do I need to tell y'all that the junior man (rookie) was the one picked to search and handcuff the guy.