Firstly, let me preface this post with the fact that I think Congress is being short sided and idiotic in its quest to insert itself into baseball's crisis of steroid usage and abuse. If their actions amounted to anything more than compiling their little Mitchell report list and holding hearings then maybe I'd have a different opinion. We as cops are chastised for inaction or ineptitude if we take on a challenge and either go at it half assed or do not get results. As of yet other than bringing to light a situation that we all knew existed. I do not see what these costly hearings have accomplished.

The Roger Clemems interrogation was a farce, anyone who truly believes Clemens contention and Congressional Carnival  100% is naive at best. Everyone involved in his hearing basically made me sick to my stomach. There was absolutely no good guys here.

In one corner you have a:

  • former cop turned
  • sports groupie turned
  • drug dealer (yes my friends steroids is a drug and a very dangerous one at that) and this guy is up in front of Congress trying to portray himself as something other than a scumbag. He allegedly kept evidence of criminal activity hidden in his basement (syringes that he used on Clemens which may or may not have Clemens DNA and or anabolic steroids and HGH on them (as an insurance policy) What a stand up guy....

In the other corner you have a narcissistic, spoiled rotten (anyone remember when he played for the Red Sox he had a temper tantrum against the frugal nature of the team because there was no one to carry his bags from the plane to the team bus?) aging, multimillion dollar sports figure  (albeit one that at one time was a phenomenal baseball player) but one who's career was on the downside, that time had ravaged. One who claims that in '86 that he didn't request to be taken out of the pivotal game due to a boo boo on his lil finger? (yeah after seeing his performance at the hearings I'm more convinced than ever that he did indeed ask to be taken out of the game which set in place a series of moves that led to a monumental collapse and ultimate loss to the NY Mets that year) 

  • A guy that expects us to believe that he toted this ex cop drug dealer from city to city for the waning years of his career because he is just a generous good ole boy who takes care of his peeps?
  • A guy that threw his wife under the bus saying that he didn't know she was taking steroids and HGH for of all things a Sports Illustrated photo shoot? 
  • A guy that after the last fact was brought to light didn't kick this guys ass or at least kick him to the curb? because he a forgiving kind of guy. (yeah so forgiving he will throw a 90 mph fastball at the head of the next batter after he percieves wrongdoing to one of his teammates?)
  • A guy whose teammate and buddy (Andy Pettite) who has already fessed up to useage and has nothing to gain by lying stated under oath that he had a conversation with Rog about usage  (Clemens response to this: Andy must have misremembered (not misunderstood or misinterpreted or was lying about) but misremembered  the conversation.
  • A guy that (hopefully) will only ever go to Cooperstown as a tourist to see how baseball was supposed to be.

And then you have the supposed bipartisan committee, the one whose:

  • democratic members who reveled in tearing down the rich guy in front of the tv cameras
  • Republican members who looked like a bunch of 12 year olds waiting for Rog to sign a baseball or something for them.

Hey guys, I hate to be the one to tell you but we have much more pressing and important issues to deal with in this goofy globe of ours such as:

  • Ohhh, I dunno a war going on?
  • A possible recession
  • Improprieties in the housing market?
  • Arrests and or convictions of elected officials?
  • Rampant violent crime?
  • You know, all those petty little things that aren't quite as important as the Baseball crisis, the things that aren't quite on your radar screens.

I love baseball and I hate how all of these nitwits have torn apart America's Game.

But I suppose baseball is a metaphor for American culture and if so then we are in deep doo-doo with clowns to the left of us, jokers to the right and here I am stuck in the middle with you.