Thirty years ago this reigon wwas hit by the mutha of all blizzards. What meterologists called an almost perfect storm. (This wan't the storm that the movie was based on though) It was the first real big storm in my lifetime, I was nine years old at the time and the snow (when it finally stopped) was several feet over my head (and thats not counting the snowdrifts) My parents owned a 3 decker (a three family house, one apartment above the other, they show many of them in the movie the departed) and the snow drift at the corner of our hose was a solid mass that stretched up to the 2nd floor front porch. (you could walk straight off the 2nd floor porch and slide down the drift) It is the storm that is my personal benchmark for all other storms since, and it has yet to be equaled.

I was at my grandparents house when the storm began, when it started getting real bad, my uncle ended up having to piggy back carry me to my parents house. (he never lets me forget that either) The mode of transportation for many emergency workers in my neighborhood was to be ski mobiled by my entreprising neighbor who offered a ride for a modest fee.

I have to say that looking at these pictures brought me way back in time. I remember that someone marketed tshirts that read "I survived the blizzard of 78" I wish I still had mine.