This is my kind of shootout, the Bud Shootout at Daytona. It was an awesome race even if my favorite driver (Tony Stewart, Home Depot #20 Toyota)Didn't winSad.

It is weird saying Toyota but I think it was a good move for JGR to switch manufacturers. The best part was that Tony was winning really close to the end of the race, the not so great part was that he had to settle for second place and the consolation prize for me was that he beat Jeff Gordon (Wyatts Favorite) Wyatt's a little miffed by Tony so whatever you do don't rag on him for Jeff's 4th place finish Dont tell anyone

It was absolutely wonderful to see Dale Jr. get the win!!!! (He won the race, I almost forgot to tell y'all that) He deserved it, and I'm glad that his move to the new stable seems to be working out well for him.

Dale Jr, Stewie, Jimmy J, and Jeff Gordon running 1-4 is like turning the clocks back a few years to when they were all the new young guns. It seems like whats old is new again racecar fans. Stay tuned.

Ohhh and yeah, y'all will have to suffer through my NASCAR updates again.