A short time after the track re-opened following an eight-car accident in the practice's opening moments, Stewart's No. 20 Gibbs Racing Toyota and Busch's No. 2 Penske Racing Dodge made contact at the end of the backstretch. Busch then hit the outside wall, which brought out a caution flag as Stewart's car slid to the track's apron.

As the cars returned to pit road, Busch caught up to Stewart and drove his car into the right side of Stewart's machine three times. The two men then maneuvered their cars to impede each other's access to the exit lane off pit road, before they drove to their garage stalls (watch video).

As much as I respect Wyatt and we agree on a lot of issues. He's totally off base on this one. I think Tony more than kept his cool for most of the confrontation. I do agree that blocking pit road was a very dangerous, highly immature and asshat thing to do.


  • Busch tried to put Stewart into the wall with a blocking move DURING A PRACTICE SESSION (BUSCH= MORON)
  • Busch then instead of counting to 10, raced up during the caution flag to Tonys car (BUSCH= MORON, WHAT WAS HE GONNA DO ASK FOR SOME GREY POUPON)
  • Busch then used his car to ram Stewarts car
  • Busch then used his car to ram Stewarts car again
  • Busch then used his car to ram Stewarts car a 3rd time for good measure
  • Busch then kept running his sissy boy mouth.

Like or dislike Stewart, it's never dull around him. Personally I think he drives better when he's got anger management issues. And I honestly think in this case he was pushed to his limits. I personally get that strong urge to punch Kurt Busch every Sunday and I don't have to be up close and personal with him. Furthermore that scrawny asshat has no respect for anyone. (Can you say attitude when he was pulled over in his personal vehicle by the cops?) as well as his always fun interviews with the broadcasters. As much as Tony polarizes race fans (you either love him or hate him) just about everyone who has seen a NASCAR race seems to hate Kurt Busch and justifiably so.

Stewart is no Dale Sr. and there will never be another like the Intimidator,Although I am sure if Dale were still around he may not always like Stewy, and for that matter, I am sure they would have traded a ton of paint. I wont go as far as to say he would have 100 percent respected him (I personally think he would have continued to like Stewart (Sr. knew Stewart has a hat and helmet fettish and gave him one of his championship year helmets and it is one of Stewarts most prized possesions) I also think that Sr. would have taken him under his wing and directed him a bit, passing on his intimidator secrets and telling Tony not to whine as much as he does sometimes (not nearly as often as his detractors suggest) I think that they would have enjoyed each others competative spirit and unbelievable driving abilities (both were the only twodrivers in recent memory to pull off a "pass in the grass" on their ways to winning their respective races.

Also I think that there is no real mentor around (since Dale Sr's. passing) for a driver who's style is like Stewart. You can call Stewart a poor mans Dale Sr. or a Sr. wannabe or whatever you wish. But in my opinion he has his own unique style which continues to evolve.