I was channel surfing with the Enforcerwife late last week and I came across this show on Fox Reality Tv. If you are a reality show junkie, or just want to understand the psyche of the local cops then I highly recommend this show. I can't believe that I missed season 1.

After recovering from the PTSD from hearing the SI's "instructing" the recruits, I was hooked. This show is damned close to what I went through back in the day.

There are a few new twists (we never had a recruit accidentally bring a cell phone to class) And I'd like to think that we were not as uncoordinated as LASD Class 368 (but I know we were, and maybe even a little worse for wear at times)  But we did have recruits caught going out to bars when they should have been home studying, we had surprise inspections (both of our appearance and of our lunchbox's) We had recruits separated from the class at all points throughout the academy, we had Black Monday (the day a recruit would seriously question what they got themselves into) We had front lean and rest, squats,and being "called out" in front of the class .

We had Class B uniforms, Pt and Dt uniforms (and they had better be ready to go at a moments notice) We got gigged for repelling ropes (threads hanging from our class B uniforms) We were advised that we "looked like a soup sandwich" or "Joe / Joan Bagadonuts"

Most people watching the show as well as the recruits would think that these SI's are the most sadistic bunch of barbarians around, but speaking from experience, the things that the recruits don't even know they are learning right now are the things that are going to keep them safe and alive during their career in law enforcement. After their time in the academy they may never see many of these people again, but the lessons learned and the experience will hopefully stay with them forever.

Watching the show, I could somewhat predict what the reaction from the SI's would be to each action or misstep that the recruits made. I watched the show with a mix of nostalgia, remembering my days in the academy (and very much like people remember high school, it is a much sweeter memory than it was as an experience) voyeuristic pleasure (seeing what their consequences would be for similar mistakes we made) and kind of an awe that someone came up with the idea of showcasing the trials and tribulations of academy life.  Fox Reality did a good job with this one.