I have a valid reason for not posting this last week. The Enforcer got a boo-boo and my thumb is in a splint. So read this entry slowly because that's how it was written. And yes this is a shameless search for the sympathy so lacking around here. Sheesh. (My Sergeant is a reader of this blog and if I get alot of sympathy I'm sure he will stop teasing me about being a wimp LOL)

The night started off well and then it started sliding. I should have known it wasn't gonna end up good when I figured out that day shift had locked up every whiny criminal they could find. I think a few of them were wondering why there wasn't a mint on a pillow for them.

Then two of the detectives brought in a suspect and, well you know how they never really show the booking process on all those cop shows you watch? thats because there is about 25-40 or so really stupid questions we have to ask prisoners before they go "inside" One of them being "do you have any disabilities" and there is a drop down menu on the computer with such gems as: prosthetic limbs, eye defects and the best "Plate in Head" Well no one ever answers yes to the plate in head, until this night. Yup you guessed it, when I asked about disabilities he said "huh" I ran through them all in a monotone drawl, him answering no to each one right up to the plate in head question to which he said yes, I must have had an incredulous look on my face, because he then told me that "it was more like a metal mesh screen" he had gotten due to a bad motorcycle accident. I just looked at the detectives with the what the hell are you doing to me look on my face.

Then it happened........I

Ok so I know you are all wondering, Enforcer, was it a badguy with a knife? gun? possibly a tree stump?

No it was a great big 40 pound jail cell door.....

Yes you read it right, I slammed a door on my hand while trying to stuff an unruly prisoner inside said cell. While stuffing him in I inadvertently slammed the door on my poor lil thumbkin and made a big boo-boo. I split my knuckle open and bruised / sprained my thumb. And it hurt like hell. Its been swollen purple and sore all week, it's starting to feel a bit better now so I thought I'd let you all know about it.